Friday, February 7, 2014

A Road Trip with Disatisfaction

I'm driving home with my younger sister, Sarah and I experience an overwhelming dissatisfaction with life (not talking depression, so stick with me guys). I was not satisfied being complacent and stationary any longer. My inner self screamed these words with ever breath I had left:
  I am not satisfied
  I cannot find satisfaction in anything
  Help me God! 
Exactly. That's what the Spirit whispered to my bewildered soul. As He sweetly gently caressed my Spirit, He brought this verse to mind:
  "Meaningless! Meaningless!" Says the Teacher. "Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless."
    - Ecclesiastes 1:2
This is undeniably true when you pursue worldly fame, fortune, and power. None of it will last. It will ALWAYS leave you dissatisfied. I can guarantee you that because I've been there, done that. Never going to go back. There is God-shaped hole in ALL of us. Catch that? ALL of us. We are all created with an innate desire for God whether you are a Believer or not. If you aren't or are, I love you so much! Please keep following my blog. Just give it a shot.

I would like to take some time to give you some background of myself. Well, I grew up in a very legalistic church. I really never knew Jesus until my family and I started attending New Hope Oah'u. From there, we moved to New Hope Leeward and here I am today. NHL is where I started to really start asking the hard questions about Christianity. I was in about seventh grade when I started to attend the junior high youth group (Vibe- since then it has changed to InThe Mix) and I started to see more about who this Jesus guy was, but I did not have a very good youth group experience. I understand now that that was a learning experience, but I am glad with where it is going now! I was involved with skits when I was in my early high school years in Epic High School Ministry. I loved it. I was saved by amazing grace November 6, 2011 and re-dedicated August 4, 2013. I was called into youth ministry almost immediately following my baptism. It was crazy and insane (still is! but I love it to death) and it was hard for me to receive for a long time. I planted a Christian club ( Ground Zero) in my high school (Hanalani) and started on student leadership at what is now Inspire Church. It is surreal to think how far I've come since then. I was called up to NHCC-OR and last year, He called me back home to serve the Epic High School Ministry and go to NHCC-HI as well as help with familial issues. I am blessed beyond measure to be in the Aloha state once again! I absolutely am completely falling head over heels with Jesus and youth ministry. I am excited to discover what more He has in store for me! I am excited to embark on this journey with you all!

"Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart." -Psalm 37:4

Really take that in. Next time I'm going to talk about that verse amongst others.
Love you all!! Really excited to finally be starting this blog haha.

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  1. I loved that you started off in Ecclesiastes, one of my favorite books and one I think so relevant in the time we live in today. An existence under the sun is meaningless and mundane, and as we seek God and come under Him, He enlivens us, He gives us meaning and passion, and He makes things new.

    It was great to get to know you better through your blog, and I hope you'll continue to work through your thoughts and put them to paper and to blog! :)